Checking out the Hoover Dam in Nevada

As I was sitting at the Grand Canyon, I started to think what I should do next. I really didn’t want to go back home because I was having such a wonderful time on my road trip. So I decided to just keep on driving. Where would I go? I looked online for the nearest attraction and it said Hoover Dam. So I put it in my GPS and started on my way to Nevada. My ride was perfect and the scenery made it such a beautiful ride. I finally made it to Nevada and turned in to the overlook bridge of the Hoover Dam. I parked and there was the most horrible smell coming from the portal potty near by. I mean horrible! Your eyes and nose burned walking passed it. I got a few pictures on the bridge looking at the Hoover Dam from a distance. Then I drove to the Hoover Dam itself and paid about $5 dollars for parking. Started walking towards the Dam and it was nice weather to walk around and take pictures. I didn’t take a tour because I wanted to save my money and I really wasn’t interested in it anyways. Here are some pictures of me and the Hoover Dam.


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